Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special Olympics scarves

Thanks to Robin D. for bringing to our attention another opportunity to knit for others. Texas Special Olympics (actually other states as well) are accepting hand-knit scarves for the Winter Games to be held in Austin in 2012. Is there anyone in our group who would like to do this? The due date is January 2012, and the details (colors, measurements, etc.) are on their website

There are four suggested patterns, two in crochet and two in knit, but you can use your own pattern as long as you use the two colors and brand of yarn they suggest.

I'm interested in doing this, so if anyone else wants to join me let me know at our Thursday gathering or by email.


Friday, May 20, 2011

HOT blanket update

We have 33 completed blocks!! We only need 2 more for the large blanket. Another 12 squares would enable us to put together a baby blanket... So, since it's still so early (October is a long way away) let's go for it. That chart business was just too much trouble; sorry, but it's easier just to report to you all how many blocks are done. I can't keep track any longer of who did which block in what color!