Thursday, April 14, 2011

HOT blanket block chart

Squares marked with an "x" have been turned in to me and are at my desk if you'd like to see them. Nothing here is set in stone; feel free to change stitch patterns if you want (just let me know what you are using as colors and stitch patterns, please). I have several stitch directories at my desk which you are welcome to look through for interesting stitch patterns. I will periodically update this chart. We have 9 of the 35 8 x 8 in. blocks we need to make the blanket. If we get 12 extra blocks, I will put those 12 blocks together to make a baby blanket which we can also put in the Hearts of Texas web auction in October.


  1. I'm doing divided boxes for my first square. Don't know if I'm still going to do hurdle for the other square or not.

  2. I have a square that has an entwined cable in a seed stitch frame. It is in light yellow because when I spoke with David, he was thinking all the colors were a bit dark.

    Am almost finished and will give to Marjie to hand in this week. I won't be able to drop by as I have Easter chores to do. Thanks guys!