Friday, October 14, 2011

Knitting for Nutrition

Hey David and all the other cool librarians I see each Thursday:

I have a friend who knows I knit. She put me onto this organization who is trying to train women  in Africa about good nutrition, but is luring them to the training with the promise of knitted booties....

I know we just finished the phenomenal afghan...and yes, I am still good for a Special Olympics scarf (as soon as Marjie is done with her yarn...) But I thought this looked like a good option for the group as well.

The link with the story and the bootie counter is:  The story is compelling. The pattern looks easy.  Also, the booties are small enough that it might be a good way to use up extra stashed you have room for more, of course.

I will try the pattern they included on the site and see if I can have it ready for the next meeting on Thursday, let you all see what you think...

Check it out!
Heather Azarmehr


  1. Heather,
    i think that this is a great idea! We can use yarn left over from our HOT afghan. Don't you think that should be "brightly-colored" enough as the website suggests?

    To everyone: the link Heather gives in her message takes you to two suggested patterns, one for knit, one for crochet. Deadline for submissions is January 30, 2012. We should be able to get several pairs of booties done before then, right?

  2. I'm game to try it, especially since I've been wanting to expand beyond the rectangular-ish stuff I've done so far.

  3. They are mind bendingly simple patterns. I finished two actual booties on Saturday morning in about 2 hours. It inspired me to look for some bootie patterns I thought looked more interesting. We could definately finish off booties in a single meeting (or two) and I have no trouble being responsible for the mailing.